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Waste Management

Waste disposal can be defined as any method used to discard unwanted substances or materials. Poor waste disposal activities engender severe environmental problems on a location.


Disposed Waste

Nowadays, we are suffering environmental dilemmas such as global warming, flash floods, and etc. One of the causes of these problem is the misbehavior of the people towards waste management. Some people are reckless in throwing their garbage. They do not think of the possible results of their actions on the environmental as well as on health.


Waste Management

The drawbacks of improper waste management.
1. Ground water contamination
2. Soil Pollution
3. Chances of mixing of Hazardous waste with Non-Hazardous waste.
4. Littering of waste may create unhygeinic conditions.
5. Surface water contamination.
6. Issues at Waste disposal sites (Landfill or Incineration)
7. Legal Evironmental Issues.

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